7 Facts on Taiwan Digital Marketing and Social Media

This article will give you a basic understanding of the digital landscape in Taiwan. To learn more about this topic and plan a successful digital marketing campaign in Taiwan, you can download for free the full report: 7 Facts on Taiwan Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Here is a brief summary of the report: 7 facts on Taiwan Digital Marketing and Social Media. Let’s go!

1. Taiwan is one of the most connected markets in Asia

86.5% of the population (20.51 million people) is connected to the Internet, and, of that number, 93% of internet users are mobile phone users.

The average daily time spent using the internet on mobile devices is 3 h. 43 min.; it represents almost 50% of the time using the internet. (Source. Hootsuite Digital Report 2020)

2. What do Taiwanese use the internet for?

According to the Taiwan Internet Report 2019, Instant Messaging is the most used online service at 94.8%.

The second one is watching online news or lifestyle information at 87.9%. Watching online videos, live streams or listen to music is the third most used online service at 84.5%. Email and Search rank four and Social Media occupies the fifth position.

3. Taiwan has one of the highest social media penetrations in the world

Taiwanese are highly engaged with social media, 88% of the population are active social media users. The average daily time using social media is around 2 hours and they have an average of 8.4 number of social media accounts per internet user.

The majority of this activity is dominated by millennials (age 24-38) and Generation Z (age 12-23). (Source. Hootsuite Digital Report 2020)

4. The most active social media networks in Taiwan are Facebook and Instagram

Facebook is the king. Taiwan has one of the world’s highest per capita Facebook penetration rate, 89% of internet users aged 16 to 64.  There is no much difference in usage among genders but women are more engaged with Facebook than men.

Instagram is the second most preferred social network with 54% of internet users (16-64 years old). (Source. Hootsuite Digital Report 2020)

The most used social media platforms in Taiwan

5. Videos and photos get the highest engagement on Facebook

Video content generates an average engagement rate of 8.42%, image posts a 5.59%, link posts 3.11%, and status posts only 1.17%. (Source. Hootsuite Digital Report 2020)

6. YouTube is the most important media channel in Taiwan

According to Hootsuite Digital 2020 report, YouTube is used by 89% of internet users aged 16 to 64 years old.

7. The most important instant messaging apps in Taiwan

Line is the number one messaging app used by 86% of internet users aged from 16 to 64 years, and Facebook messenger is the second one, used by 55% of internet users. (Source. Hootsuite Digital Report 2020)

Line is very profitable. They sell emoji stickers, games and advertising. Taiwanese people love it because they use their emoticons to express themselves while chatting.

Last thoughts about the digital marketing landscape in Taiwan

To wrap up, social media is constantly evolving the same as the preferences of their users. Companies must follow the trends and find new ways to personalize their communications. They must provide engaging content that entertains, educates, inspires and convinces their audiences.

Well, this is the end of the summary of the report: 7 Facts on Taiwan Digital Marketing and Social Media.

The full report includes a comprehensive guide on how to promote your product online, what social media your audience is using, what content they prefer, and the right strategies to engage with Taiwanese consumers during the buyer´s journey. You will also find many useful graphics, statistics, and surveys that will help you to understand the complexity of the Taiwanese digital marketing landscape. Download the report here!

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