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Jose Maria (Chema) Lopez

“Always strive to be better than you were yesterday.”

chema lopezWhen I was young and proud, I showed once my good exam grades to my father. He told me, ¨My son, I don´t really understand what “Excellent” means here but it is your job to do it as good as you can¨.

He was born in a devastated country by a civil war but he made his best to provide his five children education. That day, I learned to strive always for the beloved things.

I graduated as the best student in my International MBA class. I have worked more than 15 years in four different countries, managed teams on four continents and learned four foreign languages at the same time.

What drives me all the time is my passion for marketing. I focus on how to inspire my team, creating a space of trust and making a fun working environment where best ideas come to reality. We, marketers, need the best environment to make impossible things possible. Let me help you to inspire your marketing team.

Sarah Lin

“Life is a journey, only you can decide how to embrace it!”sarah lin

I was an engineer and a student of international trading before I found my career in business development. While I was recognized as a successful B2B salesperson, I left Asia for Europe to look for my self-breakthrough.

I challenged myself to finish an MBA from the
World´s top 10 business school, to learn Spanish for business negotiation, and to start selling again in a brand new industry and a complex multinational environment.

With a natural love of creative ideas and new ventures, this results in my ability to take risks and opportunities each time.

For more than 15 years of proven track record, I am experienced in managing key accounts, developing new business opportunities and building teams internationally. My unique insights from cultural integration will definitely boom your business to the next level in this new era of globalization.


Together, we gather more than 30 years of experience working in international companies, designing and implementing marketing and sales plans.

Some of the companies we have worked for:

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We love what we do and we want to share it with you.  Leads to Success aspires to provide thought leadership to our followers, and subscribers which enables them to become bold, daring and different.

Leads to Success blog provides inspiring content for business leaders and we invite you to share your own thoughts and create a space for discussion and mutual improvement.

Besides, Leads to Success collaborates with associations and marketing publications in Asia passing on our experience, foresight and comprehensive toolbox on the following topics:

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