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Companies that rally together around shared goals will drive more efficiency. Unfortunately, most sales and marketing teams struggle with achieving this ideal.

A radical shift in thinking to better align sales and marketing teams is key to tackling the modern B2B customer. Meet our unique lead generation model and bridge the gap between sales and marketing.


How to Effectively Distribute your Viral Message – The Secret Sauce of Viral Marketing Part II

Are you planning to launch a viral marketing campaign? My previous article, 6 Rules for a Message to Go Viral, explained how to craft a compelling message. It also mentioned that a good story is not enough to succeed, you also need to effectively distribute it. Now, I will show you how to do it. …

6 Rules for a Message to Go Viral – The secret sauce of Viral Marketing Part 1.

Getting people talking is the key to determine the success of a marketing campaign. Marketers dream about thousands of people sharing their branded messages, products and services and receiving millions of likes and great comments. This is the reason every company wants to make its message go viral. Viral marketing critically improves brand awareness and …

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Together, we gather more than 30 years’ experience working in international companies, designing and implementing marketing and sales plans.

Our vision is to help companies to achieve quality leads efficiently through reforming your sales and marketing cycle, and business process.

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