Lead Generation

How to generate b2b qualified leads for my business?

Start aligning the sales and marketing teams of your company.

According to The TAS Group report, when sales and marketing are aligned, organizations experience 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher sales win rates.

Unfortunately, only 8 percent of organizations fully bridge the sales-marketing gap.

Where sales and marketing clash?

Basically, they have different mindsets.

Marketers are focused on branding and lead generation, so they look at things with a longer-term view.

Whereas salespeople are focused on closing the sale and seeking immediate results. 

Other points where sales and marketing clash are pricing, promotion cost and budget.

New times require new ways to generate qualified leads

Your company cannot do sales and marketing the same way it did in the past.

Salespeople need to be more like marketers in this new digital world, and marketers need to be more sales oriented.

Both departments must work together and make the customer journey a seamless experience.

With this goal in mind we have developed a methodology oriented to generate qualified leads and drive revenue.

This methodology is divided into measurable stages and clear goals and it is easy to adapt to any B2B industry and business situation:

Product Market Match

Does your product meet real customer needs and does so in a way that is better than the alternatives?

42% of companies fail because they are not solving a market need.

Achieving a product-market fit is one of the most important goals for a company. It is crucial to identify people’s needs and disclose the product benefits that will satisfy those needs.

We will help you to:

  • Identity the right client for your product
  • Meet their specific needs
  • Create a winning value proposition
  • Set the right price to meet their budget
  • Define the path to market


Some CEOs don´t perceive the importance of Branding and how can affect their bottom line and revenues.

New research by Forrester Consulting, commissioned by FocusVision, found that a customer’s emotional connection with a brand has a 50% greater impact on driving positive business outcomes than what they think.

Buyers don´t purchase a product or service because of its actual value, they pay according to what they think it costs.

Companies can control this thinking because branding can tap into the emotional drivers of decision making.

We will help you to:

  • Identify the emotional benefits of your brand
  • Create your brand persona
  • Craft a compelling story
  • Build the emotional connection with your buyer

Team Performance Management

You need a measurable sales and marketing process to have sustainable and scalable results.

In our practice we bring over 15 years of team performance development and proven strategies that drive results, move prospects to customers, and existing accounts to growth.

We will help you to:

  • Align departments priorities and goals
  • Create a common dashboard
  • Monitor your teams’ performance
  • Motivate employees through incentive programs
  • Implement best practices process

Unique Lead Generation Approach

Only 12% of sales executives believe that marketing qualified leads are important and more than three out of four of the connections made by sales have not been influenced by marketing.

Just 13 percent of sales companies describe their lead generation as successful.

This lack of synchrony leads to conflict. Don’t be like those companies.

We will help you to:

  • Build the channels that guide the lead through the purchase journey
  • Create emotional responses along the sales funnel
  • Handle successfully the moment of the purchase
  • Implement an after-purchase program that converts the client into a follower
  • Build a referral program to encourage word of mouth

Some of the goals your company will achieve when you join Leads to Success methodology:

  • Increase the volume of qualified leads and sales revenues
  • Customers emotionally connected with the brand
  • Employees better motivated and more productive
  • Automate common tasks and spend more time selling

How to implement Leads to Success methodology?

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