Boom Your Business Success with Creativity

The business environment has changed a lot in the past decade. Technologies have reshaped the way we travel, hire, meet, pay and etc.

Nowadays even old dogs have to play new tricks! How are we going to adapt to and be ahead of changes? Here creativity plays an important role in business innovation.

How creativity booms your business success

Creativity gives us new ideas.

It can be a brand-new idea or simply a combination of different old practices. It is crucial for business owners especially startups. Entrepreneurs need it to brainstorm the best product offer, to get financial support before running out of cash and to design a suitable sales and marketing strategy to guarantee stable revenue.

Creativity gives us creative thinking as well.

Many people think that only marketing department needs to be creative in order to launch a successful campaign. Actually, all departments are required to have a creative mindset to understand business obstacles, to solve those problems, and to redesign our current business practice.

Therefore, creativity leads to more business success.

“Creativity, as has been said, consists largely of rearranging what we know in order to find out what we do not know. Hence, to think creatively, we must be able to look afresh at what we normally take for granted.” – George Kneller

How to stimulate creativity at work and boost revenue?

Promote a creative culture in the workplace

Does creativity really drive more business result?

A study by Adobe and Forrester consulting shows that companies embracing creativity perform much better in revenue growth and most likely have a leadership market share position over rivals.

Therefore, you as a business leader, how can you boost a solid business performance with creativity?

–      Set a diverse team

When you put talents with different skills and background in the same team, more inputs will be generated naturally. There are cases of solving operation issues with design by linking a creative mindset to a business mindset.

There are projects inviting artists to work with engineers to promote creative thinking. Even within the same company, you can still enable a job rotation program to increase the diversity.

–      Embrace any new ideas

In order to have a creative culture, you need to embrace any new ideas. Encourage everyone to speak out any out-of-box ideas they have and reward those ideas immediately. The most effective changes start from the top management.

–      Provide flexibility with goals

Creativity has no limit. When a business leader promotes creativity, a large extent of freedom has to be given to the team at the same time. To align with the business result, you have to set objectives as well without guiding too much.

–      Let it be a journey

Creativity is a journey. In the very beginning, people start with new ideas and try some first. Most of the time, people will fail in the first attempt. Some people may stop trying. Some people may continue since they dare to fail. It is because they see those failures positively as a lesson learned. In return, those failures give them more insights afterward to create the next brilliant idea.

Train yourself to be more creative

Every effort counts, no matter how small it is.

Without individual creativity, there is no occurrence of collective creativity. Creativity can be trained just like your muscle.

If so, how can we achieve more creativity individually?

–      Think

The simplest way to have a creative mindset is to think 10 ideas every morning. It can be any idea to solve a problem or to help people in your daily life. You can utilize a coffee time, commuting time or any 5 min break. It does work for me!

–      Read

Start your reading habit from now on. Read any book! This habit will give you different experiences every time you read. A new book always brings me some new ideas afterward.

–      Recharge

Stress cannot be avoided by any business person especially entrepreneur. Those tedious daily works such as reviewing business performance and controlling budget kill your creativity easily.

Take some time to do stress-relieving activities every day by taking a stroll in the park or doing meditation to reduce the stress hormone cortisol.

–      Exercise

Studies have shown that you can build up adrenaline and release endorphins by doing high-density exercises. Adrenalin is related to positive stress which is good for a short period of time and endorphin is able to lower stress and cause pleasure naturally.

Are you ready for some running or weight lifting exercises?

–      Exposure

Are you left-brain or right-brain dominant? Right-brain dominant people tend to be more creative and intuitive. They possess more cognitive skills such as creative thinking. Left-brain dominant people tend to be logical and organized. They are good at reasoning and problem solving just like most of the businesspeople.

Even you are more left-brained, studies have shown that art exposure activities will let us use our right brain which is related to creativity. Choose the one you like to be more creative from today: Listen to music, see an exhibition, dance, paint or any other art-related activities.

Creativity is the soul of every successful business. It drives new ideas, creative thinking, and a solid business result. Through every individual and team’s endeavor, we can definitely expect the next business growth.

Boom Your Business Success with Creativity!

Tell me which creative practice you use every day! Please write your comments below to help everyone! Don´t forget to follow us if you want to check my coming posts!

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Sarah Lin

A strategic business development professional with +15 years proven business track record in Telecommunication and IT. She is experienced in managing key accounts and developing international business opportunities through building effective project teams. With a natural love of new ventures, this results in her ability to take risks and opportunities each time. Then her unique insights from cultural integration will definitely boom your business to the next level in this new era of globalization.

Life is a journey, only you can decide how to embrace it!

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