Do you Want to Exceed your Business Goals in this New Year?

A few days ago, Sarah Lin explained in this post, My New Year’s Resolution as a Salesperson, the importance of writing down your goals.

She provided a simple, fast and honest way to identify your personal objectives, prioritize them and visualize the potential consequences if you achieve them. Good, right?

The new year has begun and marketers will start to develop the new marketing plans. They have already defined their objectives, the budget, resources… Everyone wants to accomplish their marketing goals and they will work hard to achieve them, but is working hard enough?

No, hard work won’t make you successful. Read this article and learn how to outperform your marketing goals in this New Year.

Do you want to go beyond your expectations?
Learn, try and measure

We must realize that we can improve our results, but first, we need to identify and manage our poor performance.

Which skills do you need to improve?

The vast majority (84%) of marketers believe that the level of complexity faced by marketing professionals over the next 5 years will be high (55%) or very high (29%), per results from the latest iteration of the SoDA Report conducted with Forrester in 2016.

Most companies admit that their marketing teams lack expertise and knowledge to implement new technologies as mobile advertising, programmatic media buying, chatbots…   

But, what about the traditional ones as emailing, trade shows, traditional advertising…? Have you got the desired results?

The mistake is that we just want to improve but we don’t care about how to master our skills. Research shows that after the first couple of years working in a profession, performance usually plateaus. 

We think that we are good enough and we don’t need to learn more. Then, we just do our job, but this is not the right way to improve. Improvement requires continuous learning.

The more time we spend learning, the more we will improve. Instead of spending our working time in doing, we should explore new ways to get different results.

Define your priorities

Most people usually reply that they don’t have time to learn.

Now, try to imagine that your son or someone you care about needs to go to the hospital.

Will you tell them that you have a meeting?

Of course not, why?

Because we always have time for the important things and, probably, learning is not our priority. Learning also implies a certain change and changes usually make us uncomfortable.

In short, if we want to outperform our marketing goals in this New Year, we should know which marketing activities provide more leads, visits, inquiries, clicks, visits … and learn how to master them.

Get information from experts, ask for advice, join online courses, subscribe to leads to success blog, seek for mentorship, study the previous marketing campaigns and check what worked and what failed… finally, think about how to improve the results.

Do you agree?

If you do, if you continue learning, you will secure your marketing goals and exceed your expectations. And, please, don’t say you don’t have time, just define your priorities.

By the way, Happy New Year!

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Chema Lopez

A Madrid Polytechnic University International MBA has worked as global marketing director in B2B and B2C international leading companies implementing global marketing and communication strategies to ensure business objectives and to optimize brands reputation and visibility on a global level.

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