My New Year’s Resolution as a Salesperson

After all family gatherings with a bunch of delicious food, we have reached the beginning of this year.

We have worked so hard to achieve last year’s objective professionally and personally. It is time to do a deep reflection of last year and make our New Year’s resolutions before rushing into the tedious routine work in January.

How can Salespeople successfully set their new year resolutions?

How do you do usually?

I would like to share 3 steps for you to get it done efficiently.

Step 1: Find your previous year’s list:

Do you remember where it is?

Most people cannot even find the note in paper or inside the computer folder. Anyway, let’s make sure we can find it next year.

If you can find it, you have got a chance to see how you complete the list and grow during the journey.

You may have studied IoT device types and you want to move forward to learn IoT connectivity or platform.

You may have created geolocation use cases for telecom network and now you would like to move on to develop location-based analytics/advertisement.

After all, this review will encourage you to have a next move from the current stage.

Step 2: Write down what matters to you in 1min:

Yes, just 1min whatever comes to your mind. It helps you focus on what matters to you only. It could be health, love, world peace, career, family, a friend and even a pet. Then think about how you can improve or do something for that particular person.

You may want to travel more in order to meet the sales target. You may want to cut some work and arrange vacations in order to spend more time with families. 

In this digital era, there are many useful app/software which can manage better your time. In the end, we all want a better work/life balance. Then, you have the list!

Step3: Write down why you should do it and the consequence if you don’t:

Now you have lots of New Year’s resolution ideas on a nice looking note. However, nothing is yours till you do it actually.

My time management teacher said: There is always time to do important things! So let’s prioritize each of the items in our list.

Put higher scores to huge benefit and consequence ones and lower scores to the opposite ones.

For example, your doctor may suggest that you should lose 10kg to lower blood pressure. You may have to take a mini-leadership course to improve your team’s productivity.

One of the secrets of doing something obligated is having fun at the same time. It will definitely increase your willingness while you have a fun dancing class to lose weight and a witty professor to learn leadership.

I believe that with above 3 steps you must have a complete New Year’s resolution. If you are a super-achiever, you can even add some better to have tasks such as read 20 books and attend 10 networking events every month.

Let’s get them done from the 1st of January.

Are you curious about my list? Here comes my New Year’s resolution as a salesperson.

  1. I will give 20% discount to all new customers placing an order in one month e.g. January.
  2. So I will reach my sales quota in one month because all of you will place an order to me!
  3. For my existing customers, I will help you to achieve more than 60% of opex and capex saving in your telecom network. Then, you have extra budget to do an expansion.
  4. So I will double my sales quota because all of you will make a software expansion this year!
  5. The most important one: World Peace!

Happy New Year to All! And Don’t Forget to Place an Order!

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Sarah Lin

A strategic business development professional with +15 years proven business track record in Telecommunication and IT. She is experienced in managing key accounts and developing international business opportunities through building effective project teams. With a natural love of new ventures, this results in her ability to take risks and opportunities each time. Then her unique insights from cultural integration will definitely boom your business to the next level in this new era of globalization.

Life is a journey, only you can decide how to embrace it!

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