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Do you want more qualified leads?

B2B sales leaders say they could win more deals if their marketing teams deliver better messaging and more qualified leads.

Televerde surveyed 200 B2B sales managers who sell B2B products and services, respondents said the biggest issues preventing better alignment between Sales and Marketing are a lack of regular communication and differences in the way success is measured:

communication problems between sales and marketing

Align sales and marketing teams is a must.

According to The TAS Group report, when sales and marketing are aligned, organizations experience 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher sales win rates.

Unfortunately, only 8 percent of organizations fully bridge the sales-marketing gap.

New times require new ways to generate qualified leads

If your company is doing sales and marketing the same way it did 3-5 years ago, it won’t survive.

Marketers are focused on branding and lead generation, so they look at things with a longer-term view, whereas salespeople are focused on closing the sale and seeking immediate results.

The truth is that salespeople need to be more like marketers in this new digital world, and marketers need to be more sales oriented. Nowadays the sales cycle is the marketing responsibility and salesperson need to market themselves.

Your buyer doesn’t care what function you belong to. Their experience should feel seamless across channels, throughout their journey, whether that experience is being delivered by marketing, business development, sales, or anyone else.

We have developed a methodology oriented to generate qualified leads and make sales and marketing teams work together and drive revenue.

This methodology is divided into measurable stages and clear goals and it is easy to adapt to any B2B industry and business situation:

leads to success methodology

The Sand Clock – Our unique lead generation model

We consider lead generation as a permanent flow that generates more leads from the previously converted leads. It reduces the companies costs and boosts revenues. Our methodology is unique because we align marketing and sales departments in the same lead generation cycle.

leads to success lead generation model

How to implement Leads to Success methodology?

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